Why Our Backyard Beekeeping Kit Is Perfect For Beginners

Why Our Backyard Beekeeping Kit Is Perfect For Beginners

There are many beekeeping kits out there for new beekeepers but we claim that our Backyard Beekeeping Kit is the perfect kit for beginners. Our Backyard Beekeeping Kit is an all-in-one kit made for beginners. Hence why we believe this is the perfect beekeeping kit for anyone wanting to get into beekeeping! This kit can allow anyone to begin beekeeping the moment the bees arrive. The hive components are 100% painted, assembled and ready to go. For the price of the kit we believe it's a great deal since it includes:

The 10-frame that comes with the Backyard Beekeeping Kit is the Langstroth hive model. This is a typical model that one can find amongst other beekeepers. The reason why the Langstroth model is common is due to the fact that it is easier to maintain. In the Langstroth hive, each box will contain 10 frames within. More recently the 8-frame Langstroth hive has started becoming popular with backyard beekeeping. Which is why we do offer the option for an 8- frame Backyard Beekeeping Kits

What sets us apart from other beekeeping manufactures beekeeping kits would be our entrance reducer. In beekeeping there are models of entrance reducers that sit underneath the hive. For us we found that to be problematic because mice, and other pests can get into the hive. Which requires more products to fix that problem. For us we designed our solid bottom board, and entrance reducer to fit with each other. Meaning the entrance reducer just has to be fit on top of the bottom board, and placed in front of the entrance of the hive. We designed the entrance reducer to have different sizes for openings. This allows the beekeeper to have a large, small, or completely sealed off opening. We have found this to be easier for beekeepers, experienced or beginners. 

With our kits we also offer the service to help fellow beekeepers with any questions they might have with their hive. We understand that beekeeping is hard, especially the first year. There is so much to learn while so much is going on in the hive. This is why we offer 24 hr customer service. We try to answer your question fast, and ways that can benefit you and your hive. 

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