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Harvest Lane Honey

Small Backyard Beekeeping Kit

Small Backyard Beekeeping Kit

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Great kit for splitting or expanding!

Perfect for beginners! With Harvest Lane Honey’s beekeeping kit, anyone can begin beekeeping the moment the bees arrive (not included). The hive components are 100% painted, assembled and ready to go.

Beekeeping is a safe, fun, and rewarding experience that can be a hobby or a way of life.

Choose 8 or 10 Frame

Made In The USA


  • Flat Metal Top
  • Inner Cover
  • Deep Hive Body
  • 7 (for 8 Frame Kit) or 9 (for 10 Frame Kit) Deep Frames with Plastic Foundation
  • Solid Bottom Board
  • Entrance Reducer
  • In-Hive Feeder



Beginner Beekeeping Guide [FREE download]!

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