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How to Help Save the Bees

Saving the bees is very important and a big job - but taking small actions are easy and can have a big impact. About ⅓ of our food supply relies on bee pollination. You can make our world a better place for bee colonies by starting your own community.   One of the biggest problems for bee health is the absence of habitat. Bees need a green space, this could be in your own backyard, or the neighborhood. Planting wildflowers are great for bee health because they are rich in nectar. You don’t need a huge area of space, flowers can be planted on street corners or along roadways. There are certain synthetic pesticides and fertilizers that are harmful to...

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I Want To Be A Beekeeper

Like most people you have heard the call of the plight of the honey bee, and you want to do something to help. But, What? There is so much information about honeybees and beekeeping that your not sure you are able to make that commitment.  You have so many questions, but you're not sure who to ask.

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Addressing A Weak Hive

If your hive is struggling and you do not already have 2 boxes on your hive, and you live in a colder climate, you may want to shift gears and go into hive preservation mode.  What I mean by this is: instead of focusing on getting honey from your hive this season, focus on getting the hive built up in strength.  This can be accomplished by doing a couple of things: Improve your hives water source-make sure your hive has water that is accessible. Continue feeding sugar water-The general rule of thumb is to not feed after June.  If you hive is struggling you will want to continue to feed until the hive is thriving.     Also our Backyard...

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