Plastic 2 Frame Honey Extraction

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The Plastic 2 Frame Extractor is made of food grade plastic and components.  Includes a honey gate at the bottom for easy dispensing of processed honey.  This is a great economical way to start extracting honey.
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Ask a Question
  • Can you pull out the frame holder for cleaning?

    Hi Yes you can pull the part known as the "Basket" that holds the frame out for cleaning.  Keep in mind that there is a tiny ball bearing under the basket that can fall out and be lost.  Make sure you secure that ball bearing before cleaning and place it somewhere safe. Lots of people loose these when they remove the basket and spray out the barrel and forget the bearing is in the barrel.  The bearing is so tiny it will wash out.  If you happen to loose the bearing you can get a replacment it is just easier not to have to.  Use very hot water and dish soap to clean the barrel out make sure and rinse and dry well to prevent rusting.