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Harvest Lane Farms

The Leading Beekeeping Supply Company

expert education & support

Since 2008

We're beekeepers too - for nearly two decades! This helps us understand the unique needs of beginner to advanced beekeepers.

Made in the USA

Located in Utah

We manufacture products in the great Salt Lake Valley and employ and train a diverse workforce of talented, caring people.

Beekeeping Supplies

Beginner to Advanced

We supply a wide variety of products for beekeepers throughout the US, Canada and Australia; each with unique needs.

Learn About Beekeeping

From Honey Harvest to Post-Extraction Clean-Up:

An In-Depth Guide to Maintaining Honey Supers Congratulations on your successful honey extraction! The hive has work...

Reignite the Hive:

Mastering the Art of Requeening for a Healthy Bee Colony As we navigate further into the heart of the summer season,...

The Buzz About Bees:

5 Reasons We Owe Them Gratitude At Harvest Lane Honey, we have a profound appreciation for bees and the essential wo...

Beekeeping Quizzes

Find the perfect beekeeping solution for you with our expert-led quizzes!

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