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Beekeeping Calendar

26. Apr 2022

Beekeeping in May

See: April BEGINNERS: All bees should be received and added into the hive by the end of May.ESTABLISHED HIVES: The hi...

22. Mär 2022

Beekeeping in April

See: March We've made it to the official start of beekeeping season! If you haven't already gotten your beekeeping ge...

24. Feb 2022

Beekeeping in March

See: February BEGINNERS: This is the time of waiting and preparing for bees. Beekeepers will receive their bees from ...

28. Jan 2022

Beekeeping in February

See: January BEGINNERS: First time beekeepers will want to pre-order bees from your local farm store. They are typica...

25. Jan 2022

Beekeeping in January

Keeping bees can be very rewarding, and requires minimal effort. The most complicated aspect is the timing. If you kn...
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