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1 lb Pollen Patties - 4% Pollen (1 or 6 pk)

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Nourish your bee colony with Harvest Lane Honey's Pollen Feeding Pattie. Designed to stimulate growth and production, our patty contains 4% pure pollen, making it an essential source of nutrition for your hives.

Available in a convenient single pattie or a 6 pack of 1 lb patties, our feeding patty can be easily placed directly on the frames. Perfect for new packages of bees, our patty provides the essential nutrients needed for a thriving colony.

Made in the USA with the highest quality ingredients, our Pollen Feeding Pattie is easy to use. Simply remove it from its plastic bag, remove the hive top and inner cover, and place the patty on top of the frames. Replace the inner cover and hive top for best results.


Product Feature:

  • Contains 4% pollen
  • Used to stimulate and feed new and existing hives
  • Can be placed directly on the frames
  • 1 lb package
  • Made In The USA


For Optimal Results:

1. Use during fall or winter to encourage brood building.

2. Remove patty from plastic bag.

3. Remove hive top and inner cover and place patty(ies) on top of the frames.

4. Replace inner cover and hive top.

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