12 pack of 8oz Honey Jars

12 pack of 8oz Honey Jars

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These adorable honey bears are perfect to bottle your seasons harvest of honey. 

  • Include a lid for each bear. 
  • Hold 8 oz of fluid weight.  If your wondering why that would matter? That is because honey is denser then liquid and weighs more. 
  • BPA Free DO NOT USE in the microwave otherwise you bear will have a shrunken head.
  • Made In The USA

Top colors may vary

Ask a Question


Ask a Question
  • How do I get the seals that are in the caps to stick? I bought some from another company and the seals stuck when the kids were tightened. These are not sticking.

    Hi! They are pressure active like you did before and some are better at sticking then others.  They aren't to prevent air from getting into the bottles they are more to keep honey leaking out.  If you want a tamper event seal we recommend neck seals.