Feeding Your Bees

Feeding Your Bees

In established hives in early spring, you should notice more activity around the hive as the temperature outside increases. With weather warming and early pollen being brought in, bees will begin feeding protein to older larvae and young bees. As the brood grows, monitor the main food stores during this time as they will quickly consume feed. Protein patties are ideal feed at this time along with liquid feed.

Feeding your new hive is one of the most critical parts of starting a hive. We recommend regular feeding until you have established a second deep box on your hive.

We suggest:

Bee nutrition is crucial in helping a new hive survive and build up. Lack of feeding while establishing a new hive can prove to be very detrimental and can destroy your hive. The sugar in the feed will help the bees to produce the wax that is required to build the comb in the hive.

The biggest reason we see new packaged bees die, is lack of feeding after installing them in their hive.


Assembling an In Hive Feeder


Using an Entrance Feeder


Using a Top Feeder


How and Why to add a Pollen Pattie

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