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Winter Strength Feed for Bees with Essential Oils (1 or 4PK)

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Made with essential oils, our liquid Winter Strength Feed for Bees includes essential nutrients and feeding stimulants.

Winter Strength Feed For Bees can be fed any time of the year.  It is particularly formulated with higher sugar ratios for winter and spring feeding. Using Winter Strength Feed For Bees will help your hive stay healthy and strong during cold months. Feed is a key part of hive health & maintenance.

  • 1 gallon
  • Ready for use and does not have to be mixed
  • Use during winter and spring feeding
  • Mixed with essential oils that will encourage healthy building of hives


  1. Shake well before use. Pour Winter Strength Feed for Bees into your [In-hive, Entrance or Top Feeder].
  2. Feed in winter and spring.
  3. Refill feeder regularly.
  4. Do not use while honey supers are on.

Made In The USA

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