Beekeeping in May

Beekeeping in May

See: April

BEGINNERS: All bees should be received and added into the hive by the end of May.

ESTABLISHED HIVES: The hive should really be buzzing with activity now that flowers are in full bloom!

With nectar starting to flow from fruit trees, the queen gets an extra boost in her egg-laying prowess. Consequently, by about the middle of the month, you should expect to see the brood chamber full of brood and honey stores. Workers will be busy collecting nectar, pollen and building the comb as quickly as possible.

This also may be the time you see a supersedure within your hive, as a new queen is grown and a portion of the colony splits off with the original queen to create a new hive. You may need to add another box once the frames are 85% full and capped.

Continue checking the hive every 10 days for pests, brood pattern and honey production.

Estimated time (4-5 hours):

  • Inspect and treat for mites or other pests
  • Check frames and add additional boxes as needed
  • Feed 1 gallon of Liquid Feed every 10 days
  • Feed 1–2 lbs of Pollen Patties every 10 days
  • Check for swarming
  • Check queen for brood pattern
  • Ensure bees have water source
  • Network with local beekeepers to learn what they’re doing, when and what works

 See: May


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