At Harvest Lane Honey our roots run deep in beekeeping. We focus on Backyard Beekeeping and offering quality products.  

HLH has pioneered, designed and manufactured all of our hive products. We are the mill and employee a staff of skilled craftsman.  

We aren't just a company who sell beekeeping supplies. We are beekeepers who test and try all of our products in our own hives that we have located throughout the Tooele Valley of Utah.  


The Hive



Jason is responsible for all of our hive designs and is our resident beekeeper. Jason spends most of his free time checking his own 150 hives and has tested every design and product style that we use.  



Brad is the guy who makes all the magic happen. He is a Black Belt in Karate. J/K in Six Sigma. Brad is the Guru of Lean and manufacturing. 



Mindy is the technical leader of the business, but if you ask her its 100% a team effort. You can find her on the weekends riding along with Jason to check his hives.  



Christina is the voice of Harvest Lane Honey. She always goes above and beyond in helping our customers get the solution they need.  

Our Mission

To help reverse the declining population of honey bees and ensure that there is a future for our industrious friends that make our planet beautiful and sweeten it with naturally pure honey.

Our Commitment

Is to make sure that we provide tools and equipment that will last years in the hive. All while sourcing as responsibly as possible. We want to save the bees but not kill trees in the mean time. We use sustainable forestry products. 

Our Promise

To provide education and support to you as our consumer regardless if you purchased through a retailer or us directly. If you have questions about how to use a product or even beekeeping in general, reach out, we promise we will answer. 

Our Impact

By you keeping bees and us supplying you the equipment, we are both making a positive impact on our environment. Making sure that bees continue pollinating and have homes to live in.

Our Roots

Harvest Lane Honey started in 2008 out of our garage and then moved into our first store.

Our first store was as 1,200 sq ft location, where we served customers from throughout the Mountain West.  

We have since expanded several times and are currently in our 35,000 sq ft facility in SLC, Utah.  

Even though we primarily supply retail stores, our focus hasn't changed. We view you the person buying from our retail partners as our customer.

When you buy a Harvest Lane Honey product either from us our our Retail partners, you are not buying from a large corporation, you are buying from a locally owned small business. By choosing to buy from us you help us keep our wonderful staff employed.

We appreciate you as our customer no matter where you decide to purchase our supplies from.

Thank You for keeping us in business.