PRESS RELEASE: Hiring of VP of Sales & Marketing

PRESS RELEASE: Hiring of VP of Sales & Marketing

SALT LAKE CITY: June 1, 2019

Harvest Lane Honey LLC announces hiring of VP of Sales & Marketing Dan Wort

Harvest Lane Honey LLC announced today that they have grown their hive with their first key position add and have added Dan Wort as the companies Vice President of Sales & Marketing.

Dan comes to Harvest Lane Honey with a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise. Where he has spent the last 15 years in a key VP sales roll within the farm and ranch sector. Prior to that Dan has over 26 years in the sales and marketing sector with a special emphasis on new product development.

Harvest Lane Honey continues to grow and expand and are committed to providing a better customer experience to their retailing partners. We are thrilled to be adding Dan to our team and look forward to getting to know him and his family. Dan fits perfectly into our hive and will bring with him a wealth of experience.

This is part of 3 prong approach that we are committed to implementing over the next few years to launch Harvest Lane Honey to the next level. Says Mindy Waite-CEO Co-Founder Harvest Lane Honey was founded in 2008 and started in a garage. We have since outgrown that garage and over the years have expanded into 35,000 sq feet in Salt Lake City and have 34 full-time employees. We are living the American Dream. We are grateful to our customers, employees and retailing partners.

Harvest Lane Honey is the premier supplier of beekeeping supplies to retailers throughout the US. They provide an assortment of beekeeping supplies to support the backyard beekeeper and focus on those needs.

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