Beekeeping in August

Beekeeping in August

Toward the end of the month, your colony will begin to shut down and go into protective mode as your bees guard their precious stores of honey. There is less nectar and pollen; less for bees to do and beekeepers.

Look for signs of varroa mites and treat it right away, so that the colony can go into winter mode in the best possible health.

This also is the time to harvest your share of the colony’s honey. Wait for a warm evening when your bees are calm to extract honey, and focus your efforts on a majority of combs with wax capping.

Continue checking the hive every 10 days for pests, brood pattern and honey production.

Estimated time (1-2 hours):
  • Inspect and treat for mites or other pests
  • Switch out frames and add honey supers as needed to keep up with production
  • Harvest full honey frames
  • Ensure bees have water source
  • Remove queen excluder until next season




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