Thinking About Getting into Beekeeping?

Thinking About Getting into Beekeeping?

Welcome to the wonderfully exciting and rewarding world
of beekeeping!

With minimal effort, you can have a honey producing bee colony

Keeping bees can be very rewarding, and requires minimal effort. The most complicated aspect is the timing. If you know when to do each step you can easily keep your bee colony safe and happy. The following information will help you create your beekeeping schedule.

So You Want To Become A Beekeeper?
It’s easier than you think...
If you’re reading this, it means that you have given at least some thought about beekeeping. Whether you’re looking for a new hobby, want to make some money on the side or want to have access to delicious raw honey, you’ve come to the right place. Beekeeping is a fun and rewarding hobby that’s not as difficult as you might think.

How Can I Get Started?
We’re glad you asked! Harvest Lane has everything you need to get started including complete beekeeping kits, protective clothing, tools, feed and feeders, education, and live bees.

How Much Time Will It Take?
After setting up your hives and installing bees in the Spring, you’ll just need to inspect your hives about once every 10-14 days throughout the summer, adding additional boxes or feed as necessary. Figure on about 30 minutes per hive. The bees will do the rest. If you choose to extract and harvest honey at some point, that will take a little longer. Then close up the hives in the Fall.

We recommend finding local help as a beginner beekeeper through the first year or till you feel comfortable tending to the hive all on your own.

Having someone local, you can have them come look at your hives and you can look at theirs. Further, a local person would know when certain items should be done based upon your weather, elevation and latitude. This can be a mentor that you know that keeps bees, or even a beekeeping club or association.

In most areas in the United States, there are beekeeping clubs that are hosted weekly or monthly for new beekeepers. Many places offer educational classes in early spring.

Some places to look for beekeeping support:

  • Clubs could be on Facebook
  • Beekeeping Associations and Clubs
  • Farm/Ranch store
  • Search online for: local Beekeepers clubs, association or organization near you, “Beekeeping events near me”
  • Talking to local beekeepers and/or those that sell honey at farmers markets
  • Search apps like Meetup
If there is no one nearby that can help you navigate your first year, Harvest Lane loves helping both new and old beekeepers with their journey. Just reach out and we will be happy to help.

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