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Introducing our Premium Mountain Vista Chicken Coop with Run, meticulously crafted with high-quality USA lumber. This extraordinary coop is not just perfect for farms, but also a beautiful addition to any backyard flock. Infused with durability and elegance, its painted exterior withstands all weather conditions, enhancing the look of your outdoor spaces.

This user-friendly coop is easy to assemble, thanks to the included instructions and handy assembly video. Its thoughtful design includes vented areas along the ceiling for heat and moisture reduction, suitable for all climates. Cleaning is a breeze, with removable nesting boxes allowing easy access to the interior.

A screened run off the back with a hinged, lift-up top ensures hassle-free feeding and watering. A sturdy, sloped roof, fitted with shingles and a metal drip edge, guarantees rain runoff, keeping the coop and nesting areas dry.

For accessibility, a large double door at the front opens to the coop's interior. A secured, screened forage area underneath with a free-range hinged door offers additional utility. The coop stands strong against any wind, thanks to its robust 2x4 frame design. Once assembled, it measures 66"×48"x82", making it a spacious haven for your poultry.

Choose our Premium Mountain Vista Chicken Coop with Run for a blend of style, functionality, and enduring quality.


Feature Images

Premium Mountain Vista Chicken Coop with Run

This captivating photo showcases our Premium Mountain Vista Chicken Coop with Run in all its glory. The model pictured is 5'6, illustrating the remarkable versatility and size of our product with a conveniently attached run on the right side. A standout feature of this coop is the flexible positioning of the chicken run; you can opt to attach it on the right or even the back of the coop. This gives you the freedom to customize the placement of the run for your convenience or to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your backyard or farm. With its stunning design and flexible functionality, our coop is a testament to quality and convenience. As well all openings have a lock or latch that can keep your flock safe.

Premium Mountain Vista Chicken Coop Open

This vibrant photo beautifully captures our Premium Mountain Vista Chicken Coop in action, complete with three happy hens calling it home. Demonstrating its spacious accommodation, this coop comfortably houses 4 to 6 hens, providing an unmatched blend of comfort and security. The coop is thoughtfully designed with two roosting bars and a pair of chicken nesters, all designed with your hens' well-being in mind. At night, the coop transforms into a safe haven with the added feature of a locking trap door that keeps the hens securely inside. This photo wonderfully encapsulates the blend of practicality, security, and warmth that our chicken coop offers to your feathered friends.

Ventilation For Our Premium Mountain Vista Coop

This photo beautifully demonstrates the thoughtful design of our Premium Mountain Vista Chicken Coop, emphasizing the optimal balance between breathability and security for your flock. We've engineered the coop to offer sufficient ventilation, ensuring a comfortable and healthy environment for your chickens while maintaining their safety. This delicate balance is made possible by the coop's well-placed, screened openings that promote airflow without making the interior too exposed. Your chickens will enjoy a fresh, airy environment that also safeguards them from external threats - a testament to the superior design and consideration that goes into our coops.

Chicken Ramp

Highlighted in this photo is the clever design of our chicken ramp in the Premium Elevated Chicken Coop. This feature provides effortless access for your chickens to the second story, promoting natural behavior and easy nesting. Whether they choose to snuggle into the comfort of the nesting boxes or perch leisurely on the roosting bars, the easily navigable ramp makes it all possible. The ramp's inclusion is an example of our commitment to creating an environment that respects and encourages the chickens' natural instincts, contributing to their overall wellbeing and happiness.

Easy Accessibility

This striking photo showcases the unmatched accessibility features of our Premium Mountain Vista Chicken Coop. It shows how effortless it is to care for your flock, from feeding and watering to cleaning and checking egg production. The coop boasts three distinct access points, each purposefully designed for optimal convenience. Firstly, the coop features a top-opening run, holding securely in place while you replenish food or water. Secondly, a front opening at the bottom allows your hens to free range and facilitates easy cleaning, ensuring a fresh and healthy environment for your hens. Finally, the coop features two large front doors, enabling you to readily check on your egg production. In addition, the nest boxes can be removed for convenient and easy clearing of the coops’ interior. This photo truly outlines the seamless fusion of functionality and convenience our chicken coop provides for all your poultry-keeping needs.

Feature Video:

Product Specifications:


Elevated with Sloped Roof, Forage underneath, extra run, fits up to 4-6 birds  

Assembly Required

Yes - Minimal in under 1 hour. Coop comes partially assembled.

Door Height


Door Width




Primary Finish


Run/Forage Area Length


Run/Forage Area Width


Frame Material

Wood 2x4's

Location of Doors


Nesting Area Length


Nesting Area Width


Number of Doors/Openings

2 Coop, 2 Run Access

Number of Levels/Stories


Number of Nesting Areas


Number of Ramps


Number of Roosting Bars


Overall Coop Height


Overall Coop Width


Overall Coop Depth


Product Weight

215 lbs

Interior Coop Width

37 1/4"

Interior Coop Depth


Interior Coop Height


Recommended # of birds


Roof material

Wood/Architectural Shingles

Roof style


Wall material


Wall Thickness

3/8" -1 1/8"

Installation Instructions:

Click Image To Download Installation Instructions

Where To Buy:

This Chicken Coop can be purchased at your local IFA store. Click here for locations:  https://www.ifa.coop/locations