Whipped Honey

Whipped Honey

At Harvest Lane Honey whenever we went to the farmers markets, or fairs we always had special requests from customers that wanted us to make whipped honey. Whipped honey is exactly how it sounds. This is honey that has been whipped until it becomes like a creamy liquid. Whipped honey is super delicious as well as the same nutrition benefits as honey itself. The only thing that is different about whipped honey is that the sugar crystals are broken up and don't allow the crystals to form larger ones, which creates crystalized honey. Whipped honey is a delicious way to spice things up with honey. As well it doesn't spoil like honey, and is super easy to make at home!


  • Mixer with fitted whisk
  • Container


  • 3 cups of honey (honey can be crystallized)


  1. Measure out honey
  2. Pour honey into the mixer bowl
  3. Turn the mixer on the highest setting
  4. Whip honey for 20-25 minutes (the honey will become white, amd creamy)
  5. Turn the mixer off then pour the whipped honey into the container. 
  6. Store the whipped honey in room temperature or in refrigerator


Storing Whipped Honey

How you can store whipped honey would be exactly how you will use liquid honey. By storing it at room temperature it will make it into a runnier consistency. If you want a thicker consistency, store it in the refrigerator.

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