Beekeeping in February

Beekeeping in February

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BEGINNERS: First time beekeepers will want to pre-order bees from your local farm store. They are typically ordered in January-April and delivered in March-May depending upon your location. Now is a great time to purchase your hive, tools and other essential supplies you will need in preparation for your bees coming.

ESTABLISHED HIVES: Toward the end of the month if the weather starts to warm, the queen may start laying eggs.

The colony will need to raise the temperature for the new pupae, and they do this by consuming more food. With food stores probably already low and still no nectar coming in, depending on your area and climate, you should continue checking food stores and offering supplemental feeding.

Later in the month if it begins to warm, there will naturally be more activity in the hive. During this time bees can consume 1-2 lbs of feed per day.

Estimated time (2 hours):

  • Order bees and other equipment and supplies if you haven’t yet
  • Check the hive food stores
  • Continue checking hive entrance for blockage as needed
  • Make sure all unpainted boxes are painted, dry and ready to install bees
  • Continue learning through local bee clubs, associations, meetings or workshops
  • Network with local beekeepers to learn what they’re doing, when and what works

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