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1 sept 2023

Feeding Bees In Fall

One of the most essential aspects of fall beekeeping is ensuring your hive has enough food to sustain them through th...

23 jun 2023

Buzzing into Autumn:

Preparing Your Beehives for the Fall Season Greetings, beekeepers and honey enthusiasts! As the vibrant colors of su...

8 jun 2023

From Honey Harvest to Post-Extraction Clean-Up:

An In-Depth Guide to Maintaining Honey Supers Congratulations on your successful honey extraction! The hive has work...

7 jun 2023

Reignite the Hive:

Mastering the Art of Requeening for a Healthy Bee Colony As we navigate further into the heart of the summer season,...

5 jun 2023

The Buzz About Bees:

5 Reasons We Owe Them Gratitude At Harvest Lane Honey, we have a profound appreciation for bees and the essential wo...

1 jun 2023

An Overview of the Honey Extraction Process

Journey from Hive to Jar Greetings to all honey enthusiasts out there! Allow us to take you on a delightful journey ...

30 may 2023

Discover the Delightful World of Honey:

Dive into Different Varieties! Welcome to the wonderfully sweet and diverse universe of honey! At Harvest Lane Honey...

19 may 2023

Bouncing Back:

Simple Steps to Recover from Colony Loss in Your Apiary Hello fellow bee enthusiasts! Losing a bee colony is tough, ...

16 may 2023

Buzzing Beyond the Hive:

Understanding and Managing Honeybee Foraging Patterns Have you ever marveled at the tireless energy of honeybees as ...

14 mar 2023

Queen Rearing

Queen rearing is the process of producing new queen bees for your hive. It's an important part of beekeeping, as the...

14 mar 2023

Swarming Prevention

Spring is a busy time of year for beekeepers, as their colonies begin to emerge from winter and start to build up th...

14 mar 2023

Spring Hive Maintenance

As spring approaches, it's time to start preparing your beehives and equipment for the new season. To help you ensur...

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