What to do With Your Honey

What to do With Your Honey

After extraction comes the very best part of beekeeping, fresh, raw, unaltered honey.  Honey is one of the only foods that have no expiration date. Most people don’t realize that raw honey will crystallize. The simplest storage method for your honey will depend on how you plan on using your honey.

Here are a couple of suggestions that we have on how to store you honey:

  • Bulk Storage: If you don’t plan on consuming a lot of honey and mainly want to have your honey for food storage or stockpiling. We suggest storing in the BPA-Free 5 Gallon Bucket with the honey gate (make sure the honey gate is locked tight).
  • Individual Storage: If you want to use your honey frequently we suggest bottling your honey in smaller amounts by using Honey Bears. We prefer to store our extra reserves in the freezer, it helps defer crystallization and as the honey thaws the honey will almost always be liquefied.

Excess honey makes great gifts. At Christmas time, Harvest Lane Honey neighbors always find themselves with a bottle of honey. Nothing makes a sweeter gift than honey.  

If you decide that you want to sell your honey at fairs, markets or stores, you will want to check with your State and Local laws regarding resale and bottling laws.

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