I Want To Be A Beekeeper

You've thought about it and you've contemplated it, but still your not sure if you want to raise stinging insects. There are two types of beekeepers, those who jump right into beekeeping and those people are going to figure a way to make it work and the 2nd type those who are more cautious about the hobby, and want to learn everything they can before taking the leap. 

Regardless of which category you fall in we at Harvest Lane Honey are committed to bringing you the best information possible and helping you either make a decision or bring our a new idea for you to try in your hive. 

In this weeks Post we are going to talk about 5 of the commonly asked questions for those wanting to start beekeeping. 

1. Are Bees easy to keep?
    A: Anyone can keep bees.  The best trait to have in keeping bees is not to micro-manage them.  Let them do their thing. 

2. What is the time commitment with keeping bees?

     A: Bees take less time then more domestic animals.  We recommend not checking your hive any more than 1 time per week with a new hive and building up to around 2 weeks once the hive is more established. If you live in a winter climate you want to not do any heavy inspections after mid to late October.   

3. How small of an area can I keep bees?

    A. Bees can be kept in almost any area, the key to all beekeeping is being a responsible beekeeper.  We have seen bees kept on roof tops in major cities.  Think Music City Center in Nashville, TN or The McCormick Center in downtown Chicago. There are ways to keep bees in major cities and for beehives and Urban to co-exist.  Of course if you are fortunate to have more land, that is great and will allow you to expand your hobby.