Benefits of Local Honey

Benefits of Local Honey

Honey is the most perfect and complete food. Most people have not had the opportunity to have tasted truly raw honey. Over the years HLH has had the opportunity in providing individuals their first taste of this perfect product, and their reaction is always the same, they are taken back by the power of its taste.

Did you realize that honey does not have an expiration date, and will never go bad?

Crystallization is often mistaken for honey being bad, however, this is not the case, and crystallization is part of the natural process of honey. Storages of honey have also been found in the ancient Egyptians Tombs; the more amazing part is that the honey was still consumable. The reason for honey placement in the tombs is honey has often been used for an alternative form of currency. In addition to food and currency, honey has often been used throughout history medically. Many historical medicines contained honey or products from the hive such as, venom, beeswax, or propolis.

Currently raw local honey is often consumed by allergy sufferers, they traditionally begin by taking (1) tablespoon of raw local honey a day, 2 weeks prior to allergy season. The thought behind doing this, is that because bees pollinate the flowers, trees, and weeds, which are also allergen irritants, depositing their pollen in the honey, that as you consume these pollen directly through the honey, your body will build a tolerance. Honey is also a natural antibiotic as well and contains 18 amino acids and many vitamins and minerals.

Raw local honey is also widely believed and used to:

  • Soothe sore throats, sunburns, dry skin, acne, skin infections or calm a cough.
  • Kill antibiotic resistant bacteria
  • Give fuel for athletes
  • Effective sleep aide

One of the most frequent questions that we get is; Why local honey, and Why Raw?
As we mentioned earlier, local honey comes from bees that are in your area, pollinating the local flowers, trees, and weeds that are troublesome to you. Raw honey is important since it has not been altered by heat, which is commonly believed to destroy the healing and desirable properties of honey. 

Whatever the reason you decide to eat raw honey, delicious will be the first thing that comes to mind as you eat it. The thought of a hot buttery biscuit with fresh, sweet, and wholesome honey, has brought many beekeepers into the hobby. We know that you will agree that there is nothing better than honey from your own hive. That first taste, as the honey flow begins for the season; as you check your hive poking your finger into that beautiful sweet honey, only to lick off the best tasting substance on this Earth, and knowing that you helped make it possible, is an experience second to none.

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