Choose a Location
Set Up Your Hive


When choosing a location for your new hive some things to consider are:

  1. Choose a site that is away from high traffic areas or play areas.
  2. Face the entrance of the hive away from play and work areas.  
  3. Provide an additional water source.
  4. Face the entrance away from winds that commonly blow.
  5. Make sure the hive is at least 12"-14" off of the ground to help with any rain water, snow fall or predators.

Things To Note:

  1. The Entrance is like the runway at an airport it is very active.
  2. Bees will always fly in and out the same direction.


Setting Up Your Hive

  1. Having your hive set up before installing your bees is very important.
  2. A new hive should have the following parts:
  4. Bottom Board (Solid or Screened)
  5. Deep Box
  6. 9 or 10 Deep Frames with Foundation
  7. (if you use an inhive feeder you will use 9 frames)
  8. Feeder (Entrance, Top or In Hive)
  9. Inner Cover
  10. Top (Flat, Pitched or Migratory)
  11. Entrance Reducer
  12. Hive Stand


Feeding your new hive is one of the most critical parts of starting a hive.

We recommend feeding until you have established a 2nd deep box on your hive.

We suggest using our Feed For Bees Item: FEEDLQ-101

If you prefer to make your own here is our recommend recipe:

1:1 Sugar to Water based off of weight

Pre-Mixed HLH Bee Hive Stimulant

Bee nutrition is very important to help a new hive survive and build up. Lack of feeding while establishing a new hive can prove to be very detrimental and can kill your hive. The sugar will help the bees with producing wax that is needed to build comb in the hive.  


The biggest reason we see new packaged bees die, is lack of feeding after installing them in their hive.


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