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6 mai 2022

Beehive Registration in United States, Canada and Australia

Some States, Territories and/or Province's require beekeepers to register their bees with their area. Regulations dif...

16 févr. 2022

Order Live Bees January-April

Want to buy bees but don’t know where to start? Well don’t worry, buying bees is easy! Decide what type of bees you ...

2 févr. 2022

Thinking About Getting into Beekeeping?

Welcome to the wonderfully exciting and rewarding world of beekeeping! With minimal effort, you can have a honey prod...

2 févr. 2022

Growing Your Hive

Once you have installed your bees in their Deep Brood Combo Box, they will start building a colony. Your job is simpl...

2 févr. 2022

Adding Bees into Your Beehive

Installing bees into your hive If you have ordered packaged bees from your local farm supply company, you’ll want to...

2 févr. 2022

Choosing Hive Boxes - 8 or 10 Frame Boxes

Hive boxes typically hold either 8 or 10 frames. These hold the foundations on which the worker bees build their hone...

2 févr. 2022

Adding Additional Hive Boxes - Medium vs Deep Boxes

Boxes that hold the hive frames typically come in two different sizes; medium and deep. Often you will see these boxe...

28 janv. 2022

Beginner Beekeeping Guide [Free Download]

If you’re reading this, it means that you have given at least some thought about beekeeping. Whether you’re looking f...

28 janv. 2022

Dealing with Hive Beetles and Varroa Mites

Hive Beetles Hive beetles destroy the hive ruining the honey, comb, pollen, and bee larvae. They will lay larvae in t...

28 janv. 2022

Selecting Protective Beekeeping Clothing

Protective clothing is essential, especially for a new beekeeper. You will find an array of protective gear that typi...

14 janv. 2022

Monthly Beekeeping Buying Timeline

Not sure what you need for beginning beekeeping? No problem! We've created this monthly timeline to show you what you...

23 déc. 2021

How do you Harvest Honey From Your Beehive?

Harvesting your honey is the best part of the job, but it is also one of the stickiest parts. The soonest we recommen...
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