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Setting up Your Beehive

Setting up Your Beehive

You will want to setup your beehive in anticipation of your bees arriving. Bees are sold by retailers based upon your location; typically January - April and delivered in March - May. Check our list of HLH authorized retailers of packaged bees.

Choosing a Location for your beehive

When choosing a location for your new hive some things to consider are:

  • Choose a site that is away from high traffic areas, work or play areas.
  • Face the entrance of the hive southeast if possible.
  • Provide an additional water source (bucket, fountain, bird bath, etc).
  • Face the entrance away from winds that commonly blow.
  • Make sure the hive is at least 12"-14" off of the ground to help with any rain water, snow fall or predators.

Things To Note:

  • The entrance is like the runway at an airport - it is very active.
  • Bees will always fly in and out the same direction.

Hive Overview

In this video you will learn what comes in our Backyard Beekeeping Kit with Accessories. You will also learn common terminology in what each part it referred to.  

After watching this video you will learn each part of the hive, hive placement. Setting a hive and how to place each piece together.

Having your hive set up in early spring before your bees arrive as you will need to immediately install them upon receipt. A new hive should have the following parts:

  • Hive Stand
  • Bottom Board (Solid or Screened)
  • Deep Box  with 9 or 10 Deep Frames with Foundations (if you use an in-hive feeder you will need 9 wooden frames)
  • Feeder (Entrance, Top or In Hive)
  • Inner Cover
  • Top (Flat, Pitched or Migratory)
  • Entrance Reducer on smallest opening

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