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What items do you need to start beekeeping?

What items do you need to start beekeeping?

Getting Started Beekeeping

Thinking about becoming a beekeeper but you’re not sure where to start?

Beekeeping Supplies

The quickest and easiest way to begin beekeeping is to purchase one of our Basic Backyard Beekeeper Kits. These kits have the basics you need to start.

  1. Flat Metal Top
  2. Inner Cover
  3. Deep Brood Box with Frames and Foundation
  4. Entrance Reducer
  5. In-Hive Feeder
  6. Solid Bottom Board

We recommend a Hive Stand that will keep your hive elevated making it harder for pests to get at your beehive. It also protects your wood hive from deteriorating and raises the hive to a height that is easier to access.

We also have kits that come with Accessories & Clothing that include essential tools and protective gear:
  1. 3 x 6" Smoker
  2. Smoker fuel
  3. Hive Tool
  4. Bee Brush
  5. Beekeepers Suit with Veil
  6. Beekeeping Gloves

Setting up your Beehive

The first time setup will always be the same:
  1. Place your Hive Stand facing the southeast (if possible).
  2. Always place the hive away from play or active human and pet areas. 
  3. Place your Bottom Board on top of the Stand.
  4. Set one Hive Body Box with 9 Frames & Foundations using the In-Hive Feeder for the 10th frame, set squarely on top of the Bottom Board.
  5. Place Inner Cover squarely on top of the Hive Body Box.
  6. Place Flat Top squarely on top of the Inner Cover.
  7. Place the Entrance Reducer at the front with the smallest opening being used.
You are now ready for your packaged bees.

We recommend a 3 pound package of Italian or Carniolan Bees with a mated queen (which is located in her own cage in the middle of the package) 

Packaged bees are installed into new hives in the spring. If you are past this time, look at purchasing a Nucs box.

As your hive grows, you will need to add the following items:

Isometric Drawing of Beehive Components
  1. Deep Brood Combo Box assembled and painted with 10 deep frames and foundations added once the first box is 85% full. After the second Deep Brood Box is 85% full, add:
  2. Medium Honey Super Box painted and assembled with 10 frames and foundations.
  3. Wait one week, then place the the Queen Excluder above the Deep Brood Box and beneath the Medium Honey Super. Waiting the additional week to add the queen excluder will allow the bees to transition to the 3rd box.
  4. Additional Medium Honey Supers will be added as the bees fill 85% of each box. You can continue to add Medium Honey Supers until you are ready to extract. 

An important thing to remember is no two hives are the same; each hive will grow at different rates and speeds.

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